Best Antivirus for MAC 2022 | TOP 5 Macbook antivirus ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

Best Antivirus for MAC 2022 | TOP 5 Macbook antivirus ♦️ Top Phần Mềm là seri tổng hợp và giới thiệu TOP phần mềm đáng dùng nhất của
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If ten years ago you would have asked what’s the best antivirus for Mac, this would brand you as someone who doesn’t know anything about computers. macOS was considered a much safer OS and that created a unique selling proposition against Windows, whose users seemed plagued with viruses on their Windows PCs.

Nowadays, there’s a lot more Mac users than there used to be. Naturally, the larger crowd attracts more attacks targeted at them. Consequently, using an antivirus on Mac isn’t as ridiculous an idea as it used to be. Here are the services that will reliably protect you and your Mac from the latest cyber threats.
My top 5 recommendations for MAC security

💣 Norton – Norton consistently catches the trickiest malware out there and has advanced machine-learning capabilities to protect against new, day zero threats as well. On top of that amazing baseline protection, I really like their Dark Web Monitoring tool that notifies you of any personal data leaked in any breaches
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💣 Avira – In lab tests, Avira consistently blocked 99-100% of all incoming threats, and their real-time file scanning was extremely effective at identifying and quarantining suspicious files. In addition to those essentials, I also like the handy add-ons like a Password Generator, a VPN with a tight data-cap, and a Junk Remover. One of Aviras most distinguishing qualities is they’re one of the only providers on the market with a completely FREE option for Mac, iOS and other platforms.
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💣 McAfee – Despite its bloatware scandal of yester-decade, McAfee provides all-star Mac protection and deserves more attention. It’s real-time malware protection posts consistently high scores in independent tests and I like that their system scans provide insightful, detailed reports. Its robust firewall complements existing Mac protections and I found it easy to use, so novice users shouldn’t have an issue.
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💣 TotalAV – Security-wise, Total AV has industry standard malware detection powered by Avira. In any case, I found their real-time file scanning is effective but worth double-checking since I noticed several false positives. Their file optimization and limited VPN tools are also nice perks. Total AV’s excellent protection and free subscription option make it a must-look service.
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For the best possible experience and the strongest protection, we recommend spending a couple of dollars a month for a proper paid plan. They’ll not only give you access to stronger, more responsive customer support, they’ll also include a larger suite of cybersecurity tools that keep you better protected everywhere you’re connected. Any protection is better than no protection, though, and as Mac-targeted cyber attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, we strongly encourage you to invest in one of these amazing providers to ensure your devices, data, security, and privacy remain as safe as possible.

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17 thoughts on “Best Antivirus for MAC 2022 | TOP 5 Macbook antivirus ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

  1. Vanessa P says:

    And is there another website where I can save money. I’m sort of spending $400 for three-year protection. For a lifetime protection, they wanted almost $1000 from Apple.

  2. Vanessa P says:

    I have a huge question. I looked up different Youtubers and try to do my research on how to turn off my firewall. I had just got a new laptop literally five days ago as a gift today I entered a website and all of a sudden the Apple support popped up. It said hackers were trying to get into my MacBook. Apple had me pay $399 for one year because I cannot afford the 499 for the three years. never have I ever used a MacBook before. Is there a way to make sure the firewall is protected. Or should this have been told to me when I first opened up the laptop?

  3. KEEVVY says:

    I dubt known brands for pc are top for mac stuff like norton, even one of the top pc like bitdefender, most of them will be just at the vpn lvl, so what's the use of them when you could just have a real vpn insted, most real protection will have not a very common name for windows users something like intego even cleanmymacx could do more as I had bitdefender, but cleanmymacx was able to detect PUA – Potentially Unwanted Application and remove them.

  4. Luc!ana Huamán☀️ says:

    Don't pay attention to this guy. I paid intego and it was for Windows. it's doesn't works. 30 $ to the trash. DISLIKE absolutely.

  5. Bazza says:

    I'm currently using Norton 360. Whether it does a good job or not, who knows?
    But one reason why I'm looking to change is because I'm sick and tired of the constant pushing to try and get you to buy additional products while you are trying to use the software.
    It's hugely annoying.

  6. Paul Anthony says:

    Norton is great but I have tried it two times and when it is time to renew your yearly subscription there is always an issue at least the two times i ve done this with them – the billing how and whens they will ding your paymets are confusing – and to clear up the confusiion their customer service is difficult so .. I dont use them its too bad but i am not dishing out over 100 bucks a year for norton when they cant be clear about billing details and I cant get through to support booo and thumbs down I did not re new my subscription for those reasons

  7. Bruno Armiento says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask you if the antivirus in general especially Norton is used for davvro on the mac? Another one. question do antiviruses slow down MacOS? Because I wanted to install Norton antivirus plus but I'm afraid it will slow down my mac system. Thank you

  8. Bion Borys says:

    Never used an antivirus for mac since I made the change from pc more than 15 years ago. I am always careful and tweak mac and browser settings for greater security. Never had a virus in any of my macs so far.

  9. Richard Hoskins says:

    Moved from Intego to Bitdefender just recently, found the former slowed down the machine especially at boot up and scanning. Good to see a "Mac" focused review.

  10. CyberNews says:

    Have you ever used any antivirus software for Mac before?
    If so, what did you like or dislike most?
    Let us know in the comments below 👋

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