Bitdefender vs Kaspersky – Which is Actually the Best Antivirus? (2022) ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

Bitdefender vs Kaspersky – Which is Actually the Best Antivirus? (2022) ♦️ Top Phần Mềm là seri tổng hợp và giới thiệu TOP phần mềm đáng dùng nhất của
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Bitdefender or Kaspersky, which antivirus is better? Find out everything in this comprehensive Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky comparison.
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These days, cybercrime has become increasingly prevalent and continues to cause massive damages.

If you’re looking for a reliable antivirus solution to protect yourself and your loved ones, Bitdefender and Kaspersky are among the best antivirus software available out there.

They both offer a very high level of protection with minimal system performance impact, so what separates both antivirus programs and which one should you choose?


0:00 Intro
0:46 Our Criteria
1:32 Features
4:35 Malware Protection
5:49 System Performance
7:49 Pricing
9:09 Overall Verdict

In this video, we have compared Bitdefender and Kaspersky in terms of four key aspects. These are features, malware protection, system performance, and pricing.

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We have given our overall verdict at the end of this video, so don’t forget to watch the complete video.

Also, to help you choose the best antivirus software, we have tested and reviewed all the top products out there.

While we came across several worthy options, Norton outperformed all of them and is currently our highest-rated antivirus software.

Apart from boasting the most remarkable mix of basic and advanced features, Norton is also super solid when it comes to malware security and has a very minimal impact on system performance. On top of that, you have a range of reasonably-priced plans to choose from, giving you incredible value for money.

Bitdefender and McAfee are second and third on our list, respectively.

We have added discounted links for all these products above, so don’t forget to buy through these links if you want to save money.

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25 thoughts on “Bitdefender vs Kaspersky – Which is Actually the Best Antivirus? (2022) ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

  1. Studio 26A says:

    Heads up– Hi everyone, I'm an old fart, and this is not my first rodeo, I been on the internet since Windows-95 was released on August 24, 1995 –it's first week available to the public.
    I started out with my very first antivirus, a true joke and worthless piece of crap, garbage (AVG antivirus). Installed on a very cool and wonderful Toshiba machine, I contracted a Virus through a simple damn .jpg (common photo) which I downloaded to my pictures. Needless to say I dumped that piece of trash fast. AVG is a toy, nothing professional or serious about it. AVG I think of old time china dolls…looks pretty and fills a spot, but don't play with it and never drop it on the floor.
    Mind you at that time machines normally came with their own cd's for repair and all the fixes, which allowed me to re-image the machine so I could start over fresh. I had a government I.T. man as a best friend and he removed the virus. At his recommendation for a best and free protection, he installed Avira-Antivirus the (familiar little Red Umbrella). Avira was founded as H+BEDV by Tjark Auerbach in 1986 in Germany. In 2006, H+BEDV and AntiVir become Avira. I was very tight on cash… so I use Avira-Antivirus for two years, it worked very well.
    Since then I have tried Avast-Antivirus, it was ok but nothing special.
    Then I found my real headache (TotalAV), a big program with tons of extras, and every little thing cost you cash. TotalAV Antiviurs is just one of many tools and all the extras hits your wallet if you want them. Now when it came time to uninstall TotalAV –yeah a frickin nightmare, I couldn't get it off my machine (an HP-desktop), It's like super glue, hardest program to get rid of.
    Bottom line folks, I have been using Kaspersky since 1998 (24 long years I have been protected by Kaspersky and I'm a loyal customer to say the least. I will recommend it to anyone that is serious about virus issues on the web. –regardless what our shit-for-brains-government has to say about Kaspersky…. Twenty-Four years folks with one single Antivirus program …a word of warning though, I can promise you 100%, Kaspersky is ("NOT") user friendly. It's a very complex program and I'm still learning how to tweak it and use it. But I'm happy with it and it gets the job done and done extremely well, hands down. Kaspersky is what you want on your machines. Great example I offer to think about in comparison… You need to buy a vehicle for work, will you buy a Revell-model car in a cardboard box or will you go to your favorite dealership and buy a car off the showroom floor… It's up to you

  2. Morne Combrink says:

    I hate biased (probably paid promotion) content!
    In the features section, just passed 3min, his screen indicates Kaspersky AV @&19.99/year. Yet, at the pricing section (from 8.28) his screen all of a sudden indicate the same package at $29.99! This is deliberate so the paid for Bitdefender must win. Clearly, Bitdefender is good, but from so many true non-biased reports of actual testings Kaspersky is stronger, lighter and better!
    I'm not sure if I should still be subscribed after seeing so much biased material influenced by promoted content…

  3. alex de luca says:

    Both are the best antivirus and very strong on the market and i don't trust any order antivirus like norton,mcafee, av etc……….

  4. Demon X says:

    When choosing between these 2, the only thing you have to worry about is how it affects your pc performance. So i suggest trying out a 30 days trial version of each for 30 days and compare performance

  5. Cleantho Guilherme Galvão de Lima says:

    On my country (Brazil) bitdefender is way more expensive than kaspersky. I paid 20 reais (wich is like 4$) for the Kaspersky Total Security.

  6. Scaria says:

    Used Both Bitdefender is way ahead ….
    Kaspersky failed to rescue one of my Video file when I got attacked by Crab Ransomware when I visited a link via youtube. I noted that link and i checked the same with Bitdefender it perfectly defended my files also it detected One Crab file which is failed to protect by Kaspersky and it decrypts it for me.
    Kaspersky is heavy Load Shit…. don't recommend any more…..
    Bitdefender is more heavier than Kaspersky only when it's scanning so on working background Bitdefender is way optimized and best fr gaming….

  7. Rafael Sânzio says:

    The two are outstanding. But I'd rather kaspersky. Bitdefender is more heavy on PC and it stays more slow. I never had a complain of kaspersky. I use it and I am protect . No need to change for bitdefender

  8. Darky Moon says:

    Kaspersky is the lightest security suite ever, no other comes even close, and the interface is amazing. Prices are not correct on either of them, you can find keys online for a descent discount like 50% and they are 100% authentic and working, just like the volume license keys of windows 11 and office.

  9. Geek Buzz says:

    Please make a video on How To Use Kaspersky Rescue Disk Feature because I find it little complex to use. So, I am requesting to make a dedicated video on this topic.

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