Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! ♦️ Top Phần Mềm là seri tổng hợp và giới thiệu TOP phần mềm đáng dùng nhất của
Website Công Nghệ Phần Mềm hy vọng video Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! ♦️ Top Phần Mềm này của Liron Segev đã giúp những ai đang tìm hiểu về phần mềm này có thông tin về Top phần mềm mà mình đang tìm hiểu nhé.
Sau đây là hướng dẫn chi tiết trong video: Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

Anti-virus is non-negotiable but you can get your anti-virus for FREE in 2020!
If you run a Windows 10 computer, then you have the option to stop paying for your anti-virus as Windows 10 actually comes with a free anti-virus and malware protection. It is called Windows Defender and is part of Windows Security and all you have to do is activate it.
Here’s how you can enable yours on your Windows 10 computer.

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Microsoft Report on

Microsoft Defender for Identity now detects Zerologon attacks:

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My name is Liron Segev, aka TheTechieGuy, and I make tech simple for everyone to understand – I answer your technology questions making so you are more productive more efficient and getting more out of your phones, gadgets, and apps

Liron Segev aka TheTechieGuy

Bạn đang tìm hiểu ♦️ Top Phần Mềm đã tìm hiểu được nội dung tại Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! ♦️ Top Phần Mềm rồi đúng không. Như vậy các phần mềm này của Công Nghệ Và Phần Mềm đã giúp bạn có thông tin để sử dụng phần mề dễ dàng hơn rồi nhỉ. Đừng quên xem thêm nhiều thông tin về Top Phần Mềm của Công Nghệ và Phần Mềm nhé.
Bài viết Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! Top Phần Mềm hiện được 1480026 lượt xem, và 41615 likes. Hy vọng bài viết Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! Top Phần Mềm được sự chia sẻ của bạn.
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48 thoughts on “Don't buy an anti-virus in 2020 – do THIS instead! ♦️ Top Phần Mềm

  1. Mikhail Simon says:

    Windows Defender doesn't help me after all lol … can't even detect a trojan….not to mention with intensive resource usage…now I'm happy with my Kaspersky with better feature and protection….with Disinfection and System Watcher too…and, it's uses WAY LESS resources..

  2. kenth DUrkin says:

    It"s not the Viruses you need to worry about. It's what coming down the line with out you know it. anti-virus on windows is ok but not there yet.

  3. kenth DUrkin says:

    That right no need buying anti- virus in 2020. well he is wrong. When something comes down the line with out you know it and hits your PC you buy anti anti virus. nothing again"t Microsoft. You do not what you talking about I know because it happened to me.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    So I really want Microsoft to trawl for sample information from my computer for them to thieve like the original microsoft code was?

  5. Colin Reece says:

    I recently got 2 bad viruses and all I had was Defender, even after a full sn the viruses were still there, in end had to format the drive, I now have a different AV installed.

  6. HCIbn says:

    And I was about to to renew my subscription again paying another $94.99 for 1 year.

    But shouldn’t you have two firewalls up?

    I’m thinking about buying Malwarebytes.

  7. Rob Foggon says:

    I work in IT and always recommend Windows Defender for home use – if you're not doing anything dodgy, then you don't need anything else imho.

  8. DethronerX says:

    4:45 Hello, somehow mine is turned to Public Network, while Private is Inactive. How do I activate Private, since Im using this windows at home, thanks

  9. Meet Patel says:

    favorite tNice tutorialng… In life. That's not an exaggeration it's actually the pinnacle of my existence, and if my life were a solar system, creating

  10. Randall Charles Tucker (MrCySec) says:

    You don't need an anti-virus software. I've been going without one for awhile now and I installed one to see if I contracted viruses like an std and nope. Still safe. They're money schemes.

  11. Mike Loncar says:

    The anti virus software companies really ran themselves into the ground. I found windows had superior protection built in by mistake.

  12. PL Platinum says:

    Microsoft defender actually defended viruses from my computer, however one thing to note is that it won’t remove adware, you’ll have to delete those yourself

  13. Jonathan B says:

    Mr. Segev, you understand technical things: I have a question for you please. I have a Linksys WRT 3200 ACM wifi router – I am using Starlink – the original release package. Sir, I want or need an extended wifi range. I have tried a couple of Amazon wifi extenders and they were garbage/a real disappointment. the question: am I able to use the WRT 3200 ACM wifi router – to extend my wifi range? Thank you.

  14. Rusty Blader says:

    I am looking for a 3rd party because windows defender is consuming too much memory and I dont feet like throwing more money at hardware for the problem I know windows defender works fine but its too invasive and there are rare occasions I need the extra memory its consuming

  15. 3060PlayZ says:

    Well, I installed malware on Windows 11's Defender on a vm. It didn't detect even one of them. I installed Malwarebytes on that vm and it found 200+ viruses. Malwarebytes isn't the best too tho.


    Thank you sooooooo much in an effort to keep my computer safe i almost made an ignorant error but thanks to YOU i NOW HAVE SECURITY that I had access to ALL ALONG for FREE

  17. Ron Davis says:

    AND know this. That the windows 10 ANTIVIRUS is a MAIN TARGET FOR VIRUS SCAMS TO BREAK THROUGH. This guy is very very low intelligence level. DON'T LISTEN TO HIM. BITDEFENDER IS THE HIGHEST AND BEST VIRUS PROGRAM YOU CAN INVEST IN and it is decently KNOW THIS.

  18. cpubugs says:

    Dude… Microsoft's antivirus is shotty at best, and has been since it arrived on windows7 I am assuming you do not work in the industry.

  19. Stradskie says:

    I never have anti virus because I know how to use my computer. Iknow what I am installing and visiting online. Installing anti virus makes your computer magnet more viruses because the anti virus you pay for is actually the one bringing it in.

  20. WillPlaysGames1993 says:

    ill keep my avast free with the max settings set
    it hasnt failed me in the 10+ years ive been using it
    same with malwarebytes/superantispyware/hitman pro

  21. ATH Streams & More says:

    You will still need end point protection of sorts in the environment and also limit the users in a standard user setup versus being an Admin.

  22. Mucydonia says:

    Why are people so concerned having AV on their computers when most of the people now uses smartphones without thinking about AV at all.And we do most of surfing and payments on our smartphones now which needs more security than a computer system these days

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