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History Of MOBA Game Moba là seri hướng dẫn chơi game Moba của Công Nghệ Phần Mềm.
Website Công Nghệ Phần Mềm hy vọng video History Of MOBA Game Moba này của Sugi Khan đã giúp người chơi đam mê Game Moba có thể hiểu hơn về Game Moba mà mình đang chơi nhé.
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Great Deals –
This is a look into history of moba games and how it started and how we got ourselves to this day. Plus the second half will put an end to the over decade old debate regarding terminology of the genre itself. As a disclaimer, if you are a ARTS apologist, i will not hesitate to ban you, if you cannot defense your case properly – ignorance/apologism has no room for this channel and never will.
Anh em chơi game Moba đã tìm hiểu được nội dung tại History Of MOBA Game Moba rồi đúng không. Như vậy cách chơi Game Moba cũng dễ dàng hơn rồi nhỉ. Đừng quên xem thêm nhiều thông tin về game Moba của Công Nghệ và Phần Mềm nhé.
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24 thoughts on “History Of MOBA Game Moba

  1. bLoWc16 says:

    Ah yes where it all began, I was one of the OGs that I played with the creators of the maps in WC3 back in 2005 and was really good but I never continued and wish I did now.

    Mobs is still so simple I don’t play Moba and mastered in Pokémon Unite in a week and a half.

  2. timiko4 says:

    For me MOBA is even less precise than aRTS.
    Battle Arena means nothing, we had Arena shooters before. Battle isn't precised as anything. Can be something like Battlerite now.
    RTS was already defined genre, so something born from it focused on action is natural extension of it for me.

    I would something like Multiplayer Arena Siege.
    And don't forget about legendary joke with calling those "Aeon of Strife styled fortress assault game going on two sides"

  3. 愛ToberSan says:

    I agree that moba is the best description of the genre but it's not perfect and will never be. Just like fps, Porta is a game where you play in first person and shoot, but I wouldn't call it an fps. I also wouldn't dismiss dota like, cod like, pubg like names. Maybe not professional, but they have their use.

  4. Squali says:

    Action means Real Time. Look at RPG vs ARPG, the only difference is turnbased combat and real time combat. Action RTS doesn't make sense because Real Time is already in the name.

  5. Adrian Petrovai says:

    hi man, where did you find these information? Im making my licence in history about this. Can you help me please with some bibliography?

  6. youtoober2013 says:

    DOTA sets the modern standard. Period.
    They are the only developers that started the genre and are still in production.
    Riot games ripped of Ice Frog and everyone knows it.
    JUST because they came out first they can call they're game a MOBA.
    In my opinion MOBA = LOL, all the shitty mobile games and alike that it spawned.
    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
    Games like Overwatch and Paladins fall perfectly into this category.
    They could be considered Hero Brawlers, but SSB takes the cake on that distinction.
    Calling it Aeon of Strife or "Dota like"… so dumb.
    It's Ice Frog who gets to make the call.
    He established All-Stars, Riot Games wanted to be bitches, so he created a sequel to blow them out of the water and it all, but already has man. People realize LOL is weak and that Valve has so much more to offer in terms of support for the future of their game.
    That being said, ARTS is a GREAT title for the genre!
    A) "Strategy" games consist of single player games and games with an opponent and makes no distinction. "Real Time Strategy" games consist of games with an opponent where you are either an individual or a team and it makes no distinction. So considering "Action Real Time Strategy" games can be played individually or as a team as well, there should be no need to make a distinction between the two.
    B) If you look up the "Action" game genre it says they are a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time, while the player typically controls the protagonist or avatar. Considering DOTA is a game where you control a hero, yet there is still a sophisticated level of micro you have to manage, it fits.
    C) The fact that you have to go into the history of this shit just proves that it has now elevated itself to the point of an art form -or at least so far along that it can fully call itself one! I'd much rather call the game I love an ARTS game than a freakin' MOBA. It's a much better ode.
    It's the principle of what Riot Games did to the mainstream that matters.
    MOBA is not the most sensical it was the least thought through.
    Riot games spewed it out when they didn't even know the consequences of their actions.
    Ice Frog had years to see it evolve and took the time to pinpoint what action really means.
    (see what I did there?)
    PS: Nobody plays Air Mech because it came out in 1989 -lol, that's a tower defence game.
    Good video, a lot of good information, but your bias really comes through in your tone.

  7. BlueLightningSky says:

    MOBA is a terrible term to use. If you go by it literally you will have to include Quake Live as a MOBA, it is multiplayer, it is online, players do battle and it all takes place in an arena. You even select characters with distinct designs and names.

  8. zandrom ex says:

    Why is Dota 2 the only videogame shown in the description if it´s literally the only MOBA that is not shown in the video?? XD

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