I Tried Making a 3D RPG Game in JavaScript Game Moba

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Here I tried making a 3d RPG game, completely from scratch in JavaScript/Three.js. I took some code from previous tutorials, such as player controllers and third person cameras, bolted on a few free assets like Quaternius’s models, and added some gameplay. The code could serve as a nice jumping off point for someone looking to make their own little browser rpg.

Basically, I tried to code up the skeleton of your basic rpg in a couple days, using just JavaScript. All the elements, player stats, quests, inventory, enemies and AI are all there, in various stages. There’s a lot of improvements you could make here of course, adding more weaponry and items, magical powers and skills, bigger and badder enemies. But this will hopefully help you to understand how to use Three.js to get started on this type of project. Making the basic bones of a 3d rpg game isn’t too difficult.

What I’ll cover:
* Getting a basic 3d world up and running.
* Replicating a basic version of Unity’s GameObject architecture.
* Adding third person movement and a third person camera.
* Adding HTML ui elements such as icons, inventory, stats, quests.
* Enemy AI

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Like always, full source is available, just check the github repo. Go ahead and do whatever you want with it.

Various clips/assets from:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action role-playing/adventure game developed by Nintendo and released in 2017.

Quaternius has a lot of free 3d model assets on their site, check them out!

And even more free animated models at Mixamo.

I also picked up quite a few icons on GameIcons.net.

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37 thoughts on “I Tried Making a 3D RPG Game in JavaScript Game Moba

  1. Gfdgdfgdfgdfg Gfdgdfgdfgdfg says:

    Yas!!!! I hate HTML too and it's my job, to program HTML and javascript xD And I use divs for everything too! You are my spirit animal :3

  2. Rob says:

    I really enjoyed your video and compare to other creators, you provided your full source code which is what I really love about you

  3. WGG25 says:

    "an entity is a glorified array of components" – what do you mean by this exactly?
    to my knowledge one of the benefits of an ECS is that components can be stored in a contiguous piece of memory and the systems can work on them much more efficiently (cache).
    that would require each system to store the related component type in an array of its own, leaving the entity just an array of IDs or pointers to refer to its components stored in the systems.

    also: great content, i binged a few of your videos

  4. nomadshiba says:

    btw Unity ECS and GameObjects are different things
    GameObjects are object oriented
    ECS is not and never uses reference types, its data oriented
    Unity ECS is a part of Unity's DOTS, Data Oriented Technology Stack 🙂

  5. Edoardo Guzzi says:

    great video.

    Is it possible in your opinion to create a Moba style game (like Legaue of legends) using js? Or would it be too complex for js?

  6. Humberto JR says:

    Fantastic Simon the development of a game in Javascript, to make a game like this I would take more than a year, only if it was just a phase lol. congratulations on sharing your knowledge

  7. Soc Moreno Onofre says:

    Does he import animations and code for its movements? or the code generates the 3D person itself and its movements? Sorry Im just curious and I just started learning about making games on Unreal and Unity

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