MOBAs are Bad Games? Game Moba

MOBAs are Bad Games? Game Moba là seri hướng dẫn chơi game Moba của Công Nghệ Phần Mềm.
Website Công Nghệ Phần Mềm hy vọng video MOBAs are Bad Games? Game Moba này của Rym DeCoster đã giúp người chơi đam mê Game Moba có thể hiểu hơn về Game Moba mà mình đang chơi nhé.
Sau đây là hướng dẫn chi tiết trong video: MOBAs are Bad Games? Game Moba

MOBAs are good at a lot of things, but they fail in one specific way: they give almost no good feedback to new players.

Excerpt from the “Bad Games” panel at PAX South 2015:

Brandon Rym DeCoster [Producer, GeekNights], Scott Rubin [Host, GeekNights]

Presented at the first PAX South in 2015, Rym and Scott lecture on the nature of what it means to be a “bad” game.

We’ve all played “bad” games, but what truly makes a game “bad?” Is one’s miserable experience not simply subjective opinion? It turns out that the problem is not in defining what makes a game “bad,” but in what makes a game a “game.” Candyland teaches children colors and counting, but is terrible for a serious tournament. Dungeons & Dragons is great for that heroic fantasy adventure, but not so much for your future cyberpunk transhumanist court drama.
Anh em chơi game Moba đã tìm hiểu được nội dung tại MOBAs are Bad Games? Game Moba rồi đúng không. Như vậy cách chơi Game Moba cũng dễ dàng hơn rồi nhỉ. Đừng quên xem thêm nhiều thông tin về game Moba của Công Nghệ và Phần Mềm nhé.
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24 thoughts on “MOBAs are Bad Games? Game Moba

  1. Dorkster81 says:

    Moba games are the worst

    you can’t have a game with 20000 heros with s tier to f tier heros…..

    moba’s like battle royals are a step backwards in gaming

  2. PrinniesForEveryone says:

    Majority of spectator sports in gaming are bad unless you play the game yourself.

    Interesting talk to have at pax but this was bad execution and the speakers were kind of cringers. MOBAs are garbage games.

  3. Semper Ludens says:

    Heroes of the Storm is actually pretty good as far as MOBA's go. Cut out some of the fluff. No last hitting, no items, no crazy pre-game enhancements.

  4. omar sameh says:

    sadly heroes of the storm sucks really hard , its too casual and 0 progression system which makes the game boring and not reward you despite how much kills you get

  5. V.T.O.L. Fried Chicken says:

    yeh the community killed my experience with dota 2. everyone just left the game and i was by myself controlling 5 characters then i got a generals boner and left to play generals

  6. The Cat Who Saw You Naked says:

    I'm seriously thinking of quitting SMITE for good. The only ranked modes are Conquest, Duel, and Joust. Conquest is way too stressful, too much possibility of toxicity. Duel queue is practically nonexistent. Jousts are also very annoying. I prefer Arena, Clash, and Siege. They want to balance the game around Conquest? That's fine, but I'm not sticking around to deal with more bs.

  7. Nightmare says:

    Mobas are a fucking headache, and it's a shame really since they have alot of potential. They have rpg elements, an open environment and are action packed. But the one thing that completely ruins them is the fact that they revolve heavily on team work. Which would have been great, but if one player messes up the entire match is ruined.

  8. Lorenzo Giancristofaro says:

    I don't really understand how it is possible that MOBAs hold the largest amount of online players, yet apparently everyone hates them. To the people who hate MOBAs, what exactly happened during the matches that made you quit? They are very hard games to get into. While FPS games require more skill and reflexes, MOBAs require precision and decision making. In an FPS (which I have been playing since I was 13) the only thing that matter is killing, the objective is relatively easy to complete and the only way to win is to basically be the god of hand-eye coordination. In MOBAs you completely discard all that, you let the game aim for you, you make the character move by clicking on the screen, so it is clear that people who are into FPS will have nothing to do with games like DOTA2 or LOL. Personally I have never been interested in MOBAs until recently when I started playing DOTA 2 first, then HOTS, now I'm all into MOBAs and I feel like FPS require a lot less decision making and teamwork. I still play them because I love being in first person shooting at shit, but I also think that people hating on MOBAs are just overwhelmed by the complexity of those games, which surpasses the complexity of FPS games 10fold.

  9. RagingSaviorKami says:

    1)It has no story at all.
    2)It's always the same. Pick a character, game starts, destroy towers, kill enemy players, destroy enemy base, done. Every single fucking time!!!
    3) You have to cope with stupidity and arrogance of stupid jerface toxic players. Every single moba game has these ''omg noob go die, don't play if you suck''
    That's why I play single-player story driven games.

  10. nikolygtx says:

    i play and lol and dota 2 , 1 thing that is bad is that if its 1 player god in game, cant win with 4 noobs. and so many can argue with this, but there its so much stupid players about 85 % of all,

  11. Scott says:

    2:00 "MOBAs are bad at being spectator sports"

    Thinking about this – I would also say that RTS in general are also not very good spectator sports.

    I can see why FPS and Fighting games are really the easiest esports to get into the scoring is easy to see (KOs, Kills or Objectives completed.) and can also be extracted to the audience onto a display as a simple 1-1 number score in team games.

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