This is the NEW Forza Motorsport TRAILER 🖥 Game Mô Phỏng

This is the NEW Forza Motorsport TRAILER 🖥 Game Mô Phỏng là seri tổng hợp và giới thiệu TOP game chiến thuật đáng chơi nhất và cách chơi các thể loại game chiến thuật hot nhất hiện nay của
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This is the NEW Forza Motorsport TRAILER

Sau đây là hướng dẫn chi tiết trong video: This is the NEW Forza Motorsport TRAILER 🖥 Game Mô Phỏng

Yet another Forza Motorsport trailer has emerged, giving us more of an insight of what to expect from the Turn 10 Studios racer. Here is a speedy summary.

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27 thoughts on “This is the NEW Forza Motorsport TRAILER 🖥 Game Mô Phỏng

  1. Joel says:

    Interesting, the muscle car doing a wheelie hints at much better physics, lots of race cars, so many race cars and a hand full of iconic road cars. I think we may see a shift in the focus of the game. There were just two Japanese road cars in there, an mx5 and a GTR, they may have been the only Japanese cars in the trailer for all I know (race cars all look the same). Very interesting, But I will need to see a bit more if they want more then a simple month of resubbed game pass out of me.

  2. Al Tuck says:

    This game is the one reason I would look at getting an xbox. I have always loved gran turismo, but the last two versions have really slipped. Forza does tyre smoke and sound much better, and lots of other small details really make it. This game looks great 👍

  3. Bongo Baggins says:

    Surprising amount of negativity in these comments. It's the best looking racing game I've ever seen, hands down.
    Im not bothered about cosmetics or cosmetic damage as I drive inside the car, but it will keep the teenagers happy.

  4. M3PH says:

    so the rumble strips on the curbs sound like what you would hear from the outsdie of the car if it was rolling down the road wiith the engine off at 20mph. that is not good.

  5. shurikn ⊛ Gaming says:

    Sounds damn promising. Usually, I race on my PS5 but I would fire up the old master race setup to give Forza MS a shot. Only thing I never understand is the cinematic look. As a passionate sim racer I do prefer a less saturated more realistic image. But maybe they let you play with it in the setting or I'll just wait for the community to drop a mod here and there.

  6. Mutant Lavalamp Derg says:

    As long as its not as vapid and handing you cars faster than handing out candy at a carnival like they did in Horizon 5

  7. Tony Troutman says:

    Something I noticed in the trailer was the launch of that 1969 Blown Camaro! Nearly a wheelie!!! Maybe they will have decent drag racing but I doubt it…..

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