Why Are Some Games So Toxic (Especially MOBA Games)? | Insert Explains Game Moba

Why Are Some Games So Toxic (Especially MOBA Games)? | Insert Explains Game Moba là seri hướng dẫn chơi game Moba của Công Nghệ Phần Mềm.
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Why are some games more toxic than others? Why are MOBAs (League, Smite, DOTA) generally considered one of the more toxic genres? In this video, I talk about what game elements lead to toxic game communities, why MOBA games are particularly toxic, and how some game developers have tried to fight against this toxicity. I created to video when thinking about why smite is so toxic, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed it.

Intro: 0:00
The Basics & Fundamentals: 0:30
The More Complicated: 2:26
What’s Up With MOBAs?: 5:09
How Game Devs Have Fought Back: 6:03

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21 thoughts on “Why Are Some Games So Toxic (Especially MOBA Games)? | Insert Explains Game Moba

  1. Insert Reviews says:

    Hope you liked this video! What are some games that you've found to be especially toxic or have incredibly friendly communities?

    Planning to review Spellbreak next week, so be on the lookout for that.

  2. Novelty Workshop says:

    Toxic players just mass report people they don't like. Smite,lol,dota2 is essentially play my way or I'm reporting you. With automated algorithm reporting/banning it just creates an unplayable cesspool. Completely destroys creativity or thinking outside the box. Borg hivemind repetitive behavior. The trend setters will get mass reported before they are even able to work it out.

  3. Dajju Kunrama says:

    People who won’t forfeit when the game is over, like that’s usually with 1 minute left, can people even do math, do us all a favor and join the forfeit, I’m getting tired of it and I will soon just accept the penalties for leaving the match one minute before it supposedly “ends”

  4. Alacritical says:

    as someone who hasn't played any MOBA other than Pokemon Unite, I have to say that that game does a pretty good job limiting the toxicity simply by cutting down on toxic chat options. there isn't a chat or anything for you to type into; all you can do is send pings–which, admittedly, can be used in a toxic manner sometimes, themselves (e.g. some people spam the "thanks!" ping sarcastically when they're mad at a teammate doing something). there is voice chat within the game, but pretty much no one uses it, so things generally are a lot less toxic than most MOBAs. you'll oftentimes get impromptu dance parties at the end of a game with you, your teammates, and the enemies, as you have your Mons all just spin around in circles if the game is pretty much already decided by that point. I have to say, that's the kind of positive experience I'd like to see more of from MOBAs

  5. Pink Delicious says:

    I like MOBAs but hate MOBA companies. Notice I said companies, not players. People wanna be mad and bitch let them bitch. But when you start banning others you encourage one toxicity or another every time. Toward mobile legends too their face treat it like a game or shut down your servers and get a real job. If you're entitled to banning you're liable. Everyone should be posting death threats and CP and your ass be on the line.

    I don't have any tolerance for moderating others. You can whine about greivers, bots, cheaters, just plain trash players, blah blah blah. But none of it is really a problem until you're playing musical chairs with getting reported over it.

  6. DeathDave says:

    55th coment my favorite number so anyways its pretty simple the game devlopers are dumb as hell show me a game that has active chat monitors (real human looking at reported players chat history if there is any proof ban for days no chatting for that particular player) if repeated again permanently ban and multiple account blocked . Lot of ways to completely reduce these people hell even chnage their minds and make them a good player but the devs just doesn't care thats the gaming community right now its the truth

  7. Crashgen says:

    I just quit playing smite. I played smite right when it came out from the very beginning I absolutely poured in so many hours into it. But I stopped playing for about 3 years, I came back to it looking so amazing seeing all these new characters and experimenting with all these things and practice mode with these characters. But when I went to do a match of conquest holy moly the game has become 10 times more toxic than the last time I played, there's so many more users over 3 million now. Literally every little thing I do someone's pissed off at me for being in the wrong lane and if I go in the lane they want they'll just get more upset because I didn't rotate right. I'm a really competitive guy but this isn't even competitive mindset, I'm fine if I lose and I'm totally down for people who are trying to win but this is by no means as far as I see as competitive players trying to be more competitive. It's just borderline harassment and controlling from what I experience in smite. Roles are played so bad to a t on how you're supposed to use them, I would support with Morgan Lee Fay and this dude is getting so mad at me cuz I'm not helping the carry… Okay if I don't help the left lane then no one else is it's going to get destroyed but oh well I'll do what you say. Guess what we still lost, and I'm not upset. It just feels like this mindset of everything has to be done their way, I even admit it I wasn't as good as I was before go back and learn all the rules again and I'm still even more confused than ever because I learned the rules but still having everyone yell at me even to the point where an entire team quits because I didn't leash an assassin for his stupid XP camp he was trying to get. Surprised I did help them and he still mad and gets the whole team to quit and then I get called an n word. So the point for me is I can't play not because of the general nature of smite it's more of that you literally can't play because if you don't play their way your entire team will quit. Even if I learn the rules, I'd win a bunch of teams and I lose a bunch of teams. Of course I want to win but this nature is not going to fucking help anything, cuz yeah I'm hella competitive but I'm by no means of a poor sport.

    Even joust has gotten toxic, fucking JOUST!!! OF ALL MODES is toxic. I'm playing Morgan le fay again and I'm going 7 to 0 and just because I was typing in chat to a teammate about toxic player's for like a minute the other team player gets upset at me for not helping immediately even though we're so far ahead of the game winning. He just mimics me and says I'm doing what you're doing crash nothing. Funny enough I'm the one that's doing the best in that match, I even replied in the chat saying this literally proves my point how toxic this game is now.

    Sorry but this is my rant of how upset and annoyed I am with smite is as of now, it used to be this cool underground game not many people had knew about and actually had really cool users back then there was a little to no toxicity at all back in the day.

  8. riDuLs says:

    I used to love smite, I remember when I was visiting my family and I saw that cthulhu was being added and I literally screamed out loud cause of how excited I was, I love smites behind the character view instead of being top down, I love the stupidity op items and gods even if there unbalanced, I love the gameplay and movesets of the gods and how fun some of their kits are, but I stopped playing it because of how toxic everyone is in almost every single game and how competitive even the casual modes like arena are, I actively stayed as far as I could away from ranked but casuals was just as sweaty and overly competitive, I love smite but the player base just ruins it for me.

  9. sungjin008 says:

    Look at the Genshin Impact Community, They are worse than beasts.
    If you want to know how toxic gamers™ are Watch YouTube Gaming 'Journalism' Is SICK || EVEN STEPHENS, Why Gaming Culture is so Toxic, Videogame Discourse: More Broken Than Cyberpunk (The Jimquisition), I HATE r/gaming, REVIEW SCORES. It's good video.

  10. MookieMocha says:

    My theory is, the more and more a competitive game's design leans towards punishing the entire team for other teammate's mistakes and allowing a single player's bad decision so much influence over the team, the more toxic these games are.

    Comes down to the fundamental idea that it's generally frustrating for your effectiveness as a player to be burdened and weighed down for actions that are not your fault. Players generally want to feel as if their skill alone is enough to succeed. But when you allow individuals personal actions to have this much of a cascading effect across the team, no wonder why people become toxic. They are stripped of so much control and are left feeling powerless over the outcome of the game.

    It's why you see so much toxicity in games like Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege. Everyone has to do their part and play a crucial role in these games. And simple mistakes from a single individual is enough to heavily impact everyone. But I think the toxicity is probably worse in MOBAs, because MOBA players have to also deal with the unique situation of enemy level/gold leads as an added punishment that throws salt in the wound.

    Basically people want to feel as if they have full control of the wheel and drive the car to victory, but many of these competitive games give every teammate their own steering wheel to control that same car. For many people, their personal driving skill becomes overshadowed by the other drivers decisions and their lack of control turns into frustration towards the other players. Then that frustration can easily boil over into becoming toxicity.

    Edit: But now that I've watched the entire video, that's basically what you've covered lol. Nice video. It seems that many people don't really seem to ask why are these games toxic.

  11. Freili says:

    Most discussions I've seen about MOBA toxicity have included responses like "yeah, I hate it when mid decides to play with their feet and jungle is allergic to farming. Why do people have to ruin games like that?". Those responses are likely the people writing insults in chat, as if calling their teammate a moron will make them play better.

    I wish people would care less about how good their teammates are. There's always going to be a range of skill in skill-based games, as well as human error. Why attack someone for being bad at a video game? They're just trying to play and enjoy a game, and hopefully win just like you.

    You are not owed a perfect game with a team that acts exactly how you want them to, nor will you ever be. You're paired with random people of various skill and mental states, and it is not their problem if you're not enjoying yourself. You can't control them because they're humans, not tools.

  12. Marcus Meins says:

    you know it's not funny when in a moba game someone who has to support and heal (even though he knows it won't work) decides to build his character like an ADC or tank just for the sake of his stupid experiments and entertainment and ends up refusing to support and ruining your game . it's annoying .

  13. James Bartolomeo says:

    I mean every virgin this side of the hemisphere usually gravitates toward MOBAs specifically so that's why it ends up being that way. It's not the fun kinda toxic like COD is. It's a really targeted kind of toxic.

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